By Rob Fooks


I'm sky high as i'm writing you!

Literally, I'm on a JetBlue flight on my way back home as I write.

Anyway, I just had to take a moment to come into your life real quick to tell you about my commitment and how the devil is mad about it!

God is good to us, he blesses us with countless opportunities and carries us on a journey to greatness DAILY; because of it the devil gets sooo mad!

I just spent the last 5 days in Charleston SC. I'm not sure if I've ever told you before but that's where my mentor lives and host all of the business seminars I attend to help develop myself as a professional in the industry.

So during the day as we're in class my mentor requires EVERYONE to keep their cell phones and electronic devices off and put away.

I'm cool with that because I came to LEARN!

However, I WAS NOT EXPECTING TO ALMOST HAVE A PANIC ATTACK when I turned my phone back on during lunch.

Tuesday around 1pm during the lunch break I turned my phone on to check for updates and literally panicked!

I had received several messages basically telling me that there was a crisis going on with my little brother back home and people were sending their prayers.

Most of the messages were all like " I'm sorry about what happened to your brother"....."I'm praying for your family"!

So at this point my heart has dropped and I'm looking at all of these messages with a side eye!

......Trying to figure out what the heck they were talking about all I could assume was that my brother was dead!

Sounds dramatic, but what would you think?

I sat there and contemplated calling my family for a while because I wasn't ready to hear about what was going on and on top of that I had to continue being civilized sitting in this class full of professionals until 7pm.

I couldn't get it off my mind so I CALLED my sister!

She explained to me that there was a huge physical altercation between my brother and another gentleman at a local gas station that was recorded and went viral.

The relief I felt was unexplained. He was injured but he was still alive!

Although I was upset after praying I was able to finish my day and focus.

God's grace is sufficient to give you peace even when the enemy tries to distract us from our purpose.

And when he doesn't succeed he'll try again.........

The very next day same situation presented.

I turned my phone on during lunch to see a message from my sister telling me my grandfather has been rushed to the hospital in Baltimore.

The enemy tried to distract my assignment and purpose for being there again!

But even with all of that I had to focus and remember. When God has called us to do or be something the enemy of our souls and destiny will do everything in his LIMITED power to keep us confused, distracted, and emotional.

No matter what we face and surely no matter what the enemy brings our way we have to choose at the beginning and end of the day to stand our ground and fulfill the destiny we're purposed for.

I don't usually mix my professional business and spirituality but I am sick of the devil attacking us. The distraction of the enemy leaves so many feeling broken, hopeless and even worthless.

And because we are human we do dwell in our emotions more often than we should sometimes. But today I just want encourage you TO KEEP ON GOING!!!!!

Through it all!

He puts distractions in our way to make us opt out of persevering.

We're NOT TOO OLD, We're NOT TOO DUMB, We're NOT INADEQUATE, We're NOT A FAILURE..... We're MORE THAN ENOUGH. Seriously, MORE THAN ENOUGH and the enemy knows that. That's why we get attacked.

Whether you know it or not your worth going after WHATEVER it is you want in life.

As I always tell myself..... Rob all you have to do is believe in yourself, invest in yourself, be faithful to it and believe God will make it happen.

Wishing all the best,

Rob Fooks


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